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Giveaway #5

Posted on 22 February 2014


Want this amazing TOP & SHORTS? Simply post a comment below letting us know why you should be the lucky winner. 2 lucky winners will be announced tomorrow February 23rd, 2014. 

Good Luck



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  • Manue: February 23, 2014

    I would loveee to wear this outfit ! This outfit is so dope ! I would rock this. This is so my style and I would look unique wearing this outfit. I already see myself wearing those shorts and the gucci shirt. Please pick me :) Thank you !!

  • Naijah Jones: February 23, 2014

    Please pick me for this giveaway. This outfit is to die for, I am just completely in love with it! It would be absolutely amazing to win this!❤❤

  • Whitney: February 23, 2014

    I Don’t Mean To Be Annoying or Anything But I Would REALLY REALLY REALLY Love To Win This Giveaway For My Birthday! I Would Love This Outfit & Look Like A Baddie. Lol. I Would Rock This Outfit Just The away It Is With Boot Heels & Accesories. OMG I Can Already Picture Me Wearing That. Please Pick Me

  • Bhim: February 23, 2014

    Hi, coalnterry!! first of all thank you for this amazing giveaway, I really appreciate, giving us chance to participate this amazing giveaway. I love coalnterry outfits!! Being a luck winner would be amazing, summer is on the way!! If I win this amazing outfit I am excited to pull those amazing shorts and crop sweat. I love entering your giveaway, I have been entering the other giveaway too. It would mean so much if you picked me :)))

  • Storm McPherson: February 23, 2014

    Hi coal n terry ! I’m not sure if I entered already bc I don’t see my comment , but I just want to let you guys know you should pick me because I admire your clothes so much ! I’m saving my money for my own outfit one day even if I dont win and I’ll keep trying until I win ! Please pick me ! I enter so many giveaways and just once I hope to win , you guys have the best giveaways . Anyway I think I already entered but I dont see my comment so please dont disqualify me for entering twice I’m just not sure if it went through . Sorry lol .

  • gigi: February 23, 2014

    i would love to win this outfit because i love your clothes first of all & secondly hello this is a GUCCI crewneck my name is gigi & everytime someone ask me something i say " are you gucci ? " this would be perfect to wear on the beach i live in chicago so i can go to lake shore beach during summer & have people question me like WHERE DID YOU get that outfit ? i literally JUST bought the " vee cut off " shorts from your company & everyones asking me where i got them so if i got these BEST BELIEVE i’ma think i’am the hottest thing in TOWN hehehe :) hope i win cause i wanna do a review on this outfit for my YOUTUBE channel <3

  • Jamie Hobbs: February 23, 2014

    I would really like to win this outfit because it is so cool and’90s without being like I just stepped out of 1992. it has a modern twist that I think makes it cool and goes with my style. I would probably pair it with some docs or creepers and burgundy lipstick to punk it up a bit. I love this so much and I wish I could afford your clothing so this is my chance :D

  • Jasmine Valentine: February 23, 2014

    First things first. I would just like to say how amazing and beautiful this outfit is. AH-MAZING. Actually you guy’s whole line is amazing, and I love that you guys carry pieces that allow a woman to feel sexy, without feeling sleazy. Precision. I would be so appreciative in every way to win this outfit. I don’t want to say that I for some reason deserve this more than everyone else applying. I’m sure we all want it for the same reason. It’s beautiful and perfect in every way. See, I live down south, Arkansas. Where I live, a lot of girls believe you add a string of pearls, monogrammed initials, or a polo symbol, and that’s style. No, this is my style. I love everything about fashion, and portraying any image you want through your style. Fashion allows you to be anyone that you want to be. I personally am not a clone. As pretty as chevron, and monograms are, they are not me. I’m girly, fun, edgy, and bold. This outfit is basically oozing these words. You guy’s whole line is remarkable. It’s for people who choose to stand out and be bold and beautiful. If I could buy everything I truly would. However, I am a college student, paying for my tuition in part by myself. I have to prioritize. Education, and my success here have to be number one, but I’ll tell you, fashion is a close second. Lol. Even if I don’t win you guys should know you’re awesome, and a true fashion inspiration. Thanks in advance. XOXO

  • Toni: February 23, 2014

    I appreciate that you guys do this every week, I would like to win this because first: Im one of those girls who looks online, save images and make an outfit out of something I cant afford haha, 2nd; i live in a state where the malls around me doesnt have too many options so if I win this, i’ll have something different but unique. I owned one high waisted and I wear it all the time. It would be nice to have a second pair :) and im obsessed with crew necks. I like how its comfy and it doesnt have the hood to mess up my hair. I would literally freak out if i win this

  • Anna: February 23, 2014

    I really love your clothing that you guys design and put out ! You guys are just so creative and brilliant !! I really really REALLY love high waisted shorts and these are absolutely gorgeous !! This whole outfit I could wear to a night out at a beach or even party with some heels hehe ! Thank you for this opportunity ! I never win any give-away contest you guys post but this time I hope I’m one of the two lucky winner !

  • Cashmeir littles: February 23, 2014

    Why should I be the winner well I am 18 years old I’ve always felt like I could be a great promoter and I love clothes & buying from boutiques , well I’m new to your clothing but I can tell you right away I am in love with it !!!!!! It’s so different and amazing. I am really a party girl, I love going out to different clubs around the Daytona beach area and Orlando and I always dress up & let people know wear I am shopping from , I would love for this to maybe bey first outfit from you guys , to go around & let people know where I am shopping from. Even if I don’t win I plan to start shipping ASAP & wearing my clothing to clubs I go to & events . So that people can know more about coal n terry. This would be the best ;)

  • Anna: February 23, 2014

    I really love your clothing that you guys design and put out ! You guys are just so creative and brilliant !! I really really REALLY love high waisted shorts and these are absolutely gorgeous !! This whole outfit I could wear to a night out at a beach or even party with some heels hehe ! Thank you for this opportunity ! I never win any give-away contest you guys post but this time I hope I’m one of the two lucky winner !

  • Anna: February 23, 2014

    I love high waisted shorts I feel like I can rock this on a summer beach night

  • Anna: February 23, 2014

    I really love your clothing that you guys design and put out ! I really really REALLY love high waisted shorts and these are so beautiful

  • Anna: February 23, 2014

    Omg ! I really wasn’t this ! I just love your clothes and sense of fashion putting clothes together that I see on IG !! I always drool over them lol but I don’t buy any cause I can’t afford so I just look thru wanting your stuff so bad !

  • Daisha Brooks: February 23, 2014

    I’m am always looking for a boutique that is creative and is for teens like myself. Coal n Terry you guys are the best I never seen so much creativeness in shorts. I see a lot of people commenting to get pick. I REALLY would like to be a winner because high waisted shorts are in right now and I would rock it with gold accessories with some bebe black heels with my purse on a warm day. Please choose me I would be so honored to rock Coal n Terry outfits!!! You guys are awesome!

  • Justine Mattan: February 23, 2014
    I’ve tried to post this so many times and it wouldn’t work :( I need this outfit it’s awesome, I deserve it because every time I try to catch a coal n terry contest I’m sleeping due to the time difference but I really love the outfit and I just bought a pair of nice shoes to match
  • Danielle Dante: February 23, 2014

    Yay! I should win this giveaway because I absolutely love your vintage wear. I’ve been wearing my mother’s old hand me downs, high waisted shorts, oversized denim jackets with shoulder pads for forever now. So glad they’re finally back in style… But nobody does vintage better than Coal n Terry! I’m a pop recording artist & this is exactly my style & I’d this & all your merch for every performance/appearance/photoshoot etc if I could!

  • Rosa Maria Lopez: February 23, 2014

    Why do I deserve to win this perfect sweater and cut offs more than anyone else does? Well hmm…let me tell ya’ll a thing
    One- I recently discovered Coal and Terry on instagram and instantly fell in loooOOooOove with your whole collection of cut offs (they’re so perfect I’m gonna cry tbh) as well as all your other clothes i looked at after i swooned over all your shorts for like a half hour imagining myself in each of them… (So excited i caught a giveaway from your guys eeek)
    Two- Like idk what happened but i wasn’t born as rich as i feel i was supposed to? (still looking into what happened, was i switched at the hospital? idk) and i only work at Subway currently, which is cool but I won’t be able to buy any of your amazing clothes on my paychecks. I didn’t mean to sound like a charity case but like yooo i need your guys’ clothes help dis bitch out. I just have excellent taste in clothing that is beyond my budget
    Three- It would be a crime against humanity for my ass to NOT be in these cut off shorts.
    Four- I feel like i could def take over the world in this outfit like no joke. Once i take over the world because everyone bows down to me because my outfit is so on point i promise to give you a country of your choosing ;o
    Five- I’ll def spread the word to all my bitches about your clothing and how much they need your stuff in their closet…cause they do!
    I really hope you consider me to win this outfit! Its just such a hot outfit, them shorts and that sweater (oooh guuurl) they were born to be worn together…and i was born to wear them! by winning this contest!
    If i don’t win than what was i born for???
    I will have an exisatintional crisis tbh.
    Please consider me
    Hugs, Kisses and Bribes xxxx

  • zaria barr: February 22, 2014

    I really love your clothes its getting warmer and this outfit is perfect please choose me i would really appreciate it

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